About Us

Latin Xperience Marketing Solutions is an interactive marketing agency and a leading provider of advanced marketing solutions.

Our expertise, design capabilities and innovative services allow us to help our clients tackle a specific marketing initiative or to improve all aspects of their marketing mix.  Our team will help you develop or improve your corporate image, prospecting methods, customer retention techniques and your communication/media planning.

If your company doesn’t have a marketing team, our marketing professionals will become your team and help with all your marketing needs.  However if you already have a marketing team, but your company requires additional support and expertise, we will work in partnership with your team to provide the support needed and expand your marketing capabilities. 

At Latin Xperience Marketing Solutions you will find an experienced and dynamic group of marketing professionals who will put forward an innovative array of Marketing Solutions to fulfill your company’s marketing needs, including: 


·        Media & Communication Planning

·        Strategic Marketing Consulting

·        Professional creative & web design

·        Search Engine Marketing, SEO, SEP

·        Social Media Marketing Solutions

·        Mobile Marketing Solutions

·        Corporate identity branding

·        Online Marketing Solutions


Latin Marketing Solutions is a member of several organizations, including the following:



In addition to our multicultural and international marketing division, Xperience Group offers a wide range of marketing solutions through our other company divisions: Xperience Marketing Solutions, Latin Xperience and My Social Media Website.